P.S.E. International Ltd

Associate Member


Website: www.pse-int.com

Søbækvej 2, 8740 Brædstrup, Denmark
Tel: +45 702 36008
Fax: +45 702 36009
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Peter Vemmelund

P.S.E. International Ltd provides services and constructs drying equipment for the drying and cleaning of pipes in the oil and gas industries.

The company was founded by Peter Vemmelund and Kent Friborg who have over 30 years experience in: drying (drying with super dry air), vacuum techniques, cleaning and refrigeration techniques. Today PSE International is owned by Peter Vemmelund, Lars Hartvigsen and Torben Bilstrup.

P.S.E. International uses top quality measuring instruments to ensure quality of work. The drying system is specially constructed, the dry air being 100% oil free because air blowers in the compression part, operate without oil. The method of drying is well approved and used on pipelines with diameter from DN 80 (3") to DN 1400 (56") worldwide.