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1, rue Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, 78260 POISSY, France
Contact (PPSA): Jérôme de Morel.
Tel: +33 6 33 79 31 42
Contact (Sales): Olivier Charton
Tel: +33 6 75 79 59 91
TRAPIL was created by the French government in 1950 to build and operate more than 4700 km of main lines supplying more than 50% of the French refined petroleum consumption.

TRAPIL has developed its own fleet of inline inspection tools based on Ultrasound and Phased Array technologies enabling the detection and sizing of a wide range of defects from metal loss features and geometry to cracks. In addition, TRAPIL offers acoustic leak detection. Their dedicated Integrity Department conducts analysis applying international standards.

The unique situation of TRAPIL as a pipeline operator and service provider enables to qualify its tools on its own lines and stay aware of the needs of other pipeline operators, driving its R&D to propose cutting-edge technologies.
Pipeline integrity is a major challenge and TRAPIL can assist you with customized solutions.