Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services (HPPS)

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Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services (HPPS)


Website: www.halliburton.com

Dee Facility, Howe Moss Avenue, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GN, UK
Contact (PPSA): Iain Shepherd
Tel: +44 7770 478154
Contact (Sales): Graham McArthur
Tel: +44 7825 662673
3000 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Plaza 1, Houston, TX 77032 USA
Contact (Sales): Kyle Ruzick
Tel: +1 713 2894903
Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific
CitiBank Tower Al-Qutayat Street, Dubai, UAE
Contact (Sales): Pedro Nel Guio Para
Tel: +974 33031750
Halliburton Pipeline and Process Services deliver engineered technical solutions from pre-com to de-com to maximise efficiency and integrity of their customers' assets.

HPPS operates globally in the midstream and downstream sectors, providing a full range of precommissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning services across the asset life cycle – along with extensive capabilities for complex projects that might be onshore, offshore, in deepwater, remote, or harsh environments

Services include: flooding, cleaning, gauging, dewatering, drying, conditioning, pipeline inspection, mechanical and gel pigging, flushing, hydrotesting and nitrogen testing.

Additional specialist services include subsea pigging and hydrotesting using our Phorcys™ systems, debris and blockage analysis using our InnerVue™ non-intrusive diagnostic technology.

Halliburton also provide nitrogen inerting, helium leak detection, bolt torqueing and tensioning, flange management, on-site machining, pipefreezing, video inspection, umbilical testing and flushing, electrical and fibre optic cable testing, and a variety of engineering, analysis, equipment and pumping services.

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