CEPS a.s.

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Website: www.ceps-as.cz

Belnicka 628, 252 42 Jesenice, Czech Republic
Contact (PPSA): Dr. Ing Petr Crha, President
Tel: +420 241 021 511
Fax: +420 241 021 512
Contact (Sales): Filip Tesar, Sales Director
CEPS a.s. pipeline services and pipeline integrity services experience on high pressure steel pipelines ranges from mechanical and chemical cleaning with proprietary formula cleaning agents, hydrostatic testing with liquids or gaseous mediums, pipeline drying with superdry air or vacuum, nitrogen services, leak detection, manufacturing and installation of repair sleeves and other. CEPS also provides OFF – LINE internal inspection of pipeline - propelling of ULTRASONIC, MFL, TFI and any other inspection tool through the pipeline when the flow of transported medium is insufficient or medium is not available. Their services cover all stages of pipeline life from pre-commissioning and commissioning through regular operational services, integrity revalidation, upgrading, extending the pipeline lifetime, repair and rehabilitation up to pipeline de-commissioning and abandonment.