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Website: www.pipeway.com/

Praҫa Mário Nazaré, 40 – São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro, RJ – CEP: 20940-080, Brazil
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Raphael Miranda
Tel: +1 877 3594848
PipeWay has 19 years experience in ILI inspection. It was formed through the licensing of technology developed by Petrobras to solve integrity monitoring issues in its onshore and offshore pipelines and plant piping. The high resolution MFL equipment for piggable pipelines is controlled by powerful software that allows the integration of prior run data from both PipeWay and competitors. Patented Porcupine technology is used to detect and measure internal defect anomalies that are problematic for all MFL tools. These defects include channeling corrosion, erosion, general corrosion, general wall thinning and encrustations that can hide bacterial corrosion colonies. GIP is MFL technology applied externally to the pipeline for use in non-piggable pipelines, plant piping, pier piping and for localised prove up.