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Website: www.pvmsas.com

KM 1.5 via Funza Siberia, parque Industrial San diego, Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Contact: Paul Vargas Moreno, CEO
Tel: +57 60 1 8219209
Mobile: +57 3108165757
Mobile: +57 3107682484
PVM SAS, is a Latin American engineering company located in Colombia, with more than 35 years of experience in technological applications for the manufacture and transformation of products for the maintenance and internal cleaning of pipelines (LID).

PVM SAS within its portfolio of solutions to the industry offers:
Cleaning and internal integrity of pipelines: manufacture of cleaning, calibration, displacement and separation, double diameter, collection, drying, flexible compact, foam scrapers, parts and accessories.

Manufacture of sealing equipment for maintenance and repair of pipelines.
Manufacture of external integrity solutions for pipelines: (H-frame, rollers and supports), seals and insulators in rubber and plastic wall bushings, complementary products in the construction stage of pipelines and fluid transport or transfer lines.

In the provision of services PVM SAS performs pigging consulting, simulation and CFD in pipelines, service and support for location and tracking, training and maintenance and storage of pigs.

PVM SAS manufactures its products under quality standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO
14001:2015 RUC ISO 45001:2018.

All their products are manufactured under the brand URELAST PIPELINE SERVICES and their slogan "We work from the inside".

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