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Intero Integrity Services BV



Steenoven 2-6, 4196 HG Tricht, P.O. Box 151, 4190 CD Geldermalsen, Netherlands
Tel: +31 345 228 600
Contact: Rienk de Vries, CEO
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Hans Overdijkink, Manager Sales Inspection Services
Intero Integrity provides a complete range of integrated solutions to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries around the world. Through their Pipeline, Inspection, Storage Tank, Industrial and Environmental Service lines, Intero Integrity assists you in every step of your plant operation, from design and ongoing maintenance to end-of-life, to assure maximum plant integrity and sustainable operation.

Intero Integrity Services BV is based in the Netherlands and serves pigging and inspection projects all over the world through its offices in: United States, Canada, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, China, Germany, Romania, France, Italy, Spain and Serbia.


Inspection Services: provides in-line inspection of unpiggable pipelines and furnaces including quick scans, defect assessments, pre-engineering, project management, mechanical works and (mechanical or chemical) cleaning, gauging, calliper runs, UT and MFL inspections (free-swimming and crawler), FFS reporting, Remaining Life Assessment, CGA analyses, XYZ mapping (incl DGPS measurement), Depth of Cover calculations and PRIMS consulting.

Pipeline Services: includes engineering and construction services, pre-, re-, de- and commissioning services, maintenance and operating services and decontamination and (chemical) pipeline cleaning services.

Industrial Services: offers nitrogen-related services including reactor cooling, nitrogen or helium leak detection, system purging, furnace decoking and chemical cleaning.

Tank Services: offers integrated tank storage services including sludge profiling, ATEX-0 online robotic tank bottom inspection, external critical zone inspection and foam/nitrogen inerting.

Environmental Services: offers environmental services specializing in emission management and pipeline integrity programs.