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NDT Global Corporate Ltd.
One Swift Square, Santry Demesne Dublin, D09 A0E4, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 685 20 42
Fax: +353 1 531 33 65
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
NDT Global GmbH
Friedrich-List-Str. 1,76297 Stutensee, Germany
Tel: +49 7244 7415 0
Fax: +49 7244 7415 97
Contact (PPSA): Thomas Mrugala
Contact (Sales): Ben Bergius
NDT Global is a leading provider of ultra-high-tech diagnostic inspection solutions, advanced data analysis and integrity assessment services for ensuring the safety and longevity of energy-sector infrastructure assets. Recognized as the forerunner in ultrasonic inspection technologies comprising Pulse Echo, Pitch-and-Catch and Phased Array, as well as Acoustic Resonance (ART Scan) methodologies, the company also deploys a range of non-ultrasonic technologies, such as Inertial Measurement Units, with more under development. NDT Global strategically applies its inspection technologies to detect, diagnose and model various types of threat—circumferential or axial cracks, metal loss, geometry, mapping, and more—across diverse classes of assets. By providing predictive, decision-ready insights driven by the world’s most accurate data, NDT Global enables the conditions for asset owners to optimize infrastructure health and drive operational efficiencies while reducing risk and minimizing their carbon footprint.

NDT Global is part of Previan, formerly known as Eddyfi/NDT. Previan is an industrial tech group that provides organizations with the data and insights they need to uphold the performance, safety, health, and sustainability of their critical assets and infrastructures, thus providing the best line of defense against their inevitable decline and degradation.