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3P Services GmbH & Co. KG


Website: www.3p-services.com

Meitnerstr. 10-12, 49835 Wietmarschen-Lohne, Germany
Tel: +49 5908 2656-0
Fax: +49 5908 2656-11
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Felix Schmidt
For more than 30 years 3P Services have focused on challenging pipeline inspections. To protect all people and the planet, they are constantly developing new, state-of-the-art technologies with a focus on individual solutions. With these innovative inspection tools, based on MFL, GEO, UT, SRD or XYZ technology, they deliver accurate data even in challenging designs, diameters, wall thickness, products and operating modes. This allows you to minimize your risks and costs and optimize the reliability and performance of your pipelines.

Their fleet comprises more than 400 “live” ILI tools ranging from 2” to 48”, applicable for conventional (free swimming), for bi-directional (pump-in/pump-out) and pull through (tethered) operations.

3P Services provides associated services including feasibility studies, pre-inspection proving and cleaning, geometric inspection, post-inspection support, corrosion growth studies comparing the results of different ILI and other.

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