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PSI - Pipeline Services International GmbH & Co KG



Thyssenstr. 2, 49744 Geeste-Dalum, Germany
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Michael Strohecker
Tel: +49 5937 980908 215
Fax: +49 5937 980908 190
Mobile: +49 171 387 9201
PSI - Pipeline Services International, provides special services for pipeline pre-commissioning, rehabilitation and pipeline inspection. Pipeline inspection is a part of PSI, which uses its own fleet of single, and the new multi-channel caliper tools for baseline surveys, passage control for third party intelligent inspection tools and the usual inspection of deformation of the inner diameter of pipelines. The advantage of the new multi-channel system is to give additional information about the o'clock position and the shape of the detected indication.

PSI also provides the following services: hydrostatic testing by water, air or gas; chemical / mechanical cleaning; pipeline drying by air, nitrogen, or vacuum; intelligent pigging; leak detection; construction / sale of pigs; supervision of all above mentioned services.