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3P Services GmbH & Co. KG


Website: www.3p-services.com

Meitnerstr. 10-12, 49835 Wietmarschen-Lohne, Germany
Tel: +49 5908 2656-0
Fax: +49 5908 2656-11
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Mark Elliott
3P Services provides in-line inspection (ILI) services for pipelines in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries for over 28 years – using high resolution MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage), GEO (geometric), DMR (Direct Magnetic Response), XYZ (inertial mapping), SRD (Short Range Distance) and UT (ultrasonic).

The fleet comprises more than 300 “live” ILI tools ranging from 2” to 48”. There are tools for conventional (free swimming), for bi-directional (pump-in/pump-out), and pull through (tethered) operations. Dual or multi-diameter, high temperature, vertical casing, small diameter and combo tools are available on request. The company’s specialty is pipelines that are considered “difficult to pig” or even “unpiggable” and of course ILI of standard pipelines.

3P Services provides associated services including feasibility studies, pre-inspection proving and cleaning, geometric inspection, post-inspection support, corrosion growth studies comparing the results of different ILI and other.